Why Landscape your Garden?

When you decide to have your garden landscaped, it is usually for a specific reason. Maybe you have just moved in and the garden area has never been tended to? Maybe the property has a backyard that is not according to your taste, or maybe you need a change because your current garden has become too much for you to manage?

A back garden with lots of grass, plants, and flowers might not be suitable for someone who has mobility or dexterity problems, who wants to be pushing a lawnmower or dead-heading plants when it hurts to do so? Opting for a low maintenance garden would be a much better idea.

Calling in a landscaping company to help is perhaps the easiest way to get the garden the way you want it. They can make plans for your approval before starting work so that you can be assured of getting exactly what you want.

Changing out the lawn for paving flags or gravel means you no longer have to mow the grass, and as long as a good membrane is put down before the gravel is laid, there should be no weeding to be done either. If you still want a splash of colour but nothing that will require backbreaking maintenance, then consider raised flower beds or pots. Wild-flowers are great and they need very little to no maintenance at all. They just need a good spot for water in really hot weather, and they offer the local bee population a good source of food.

Succulents are also extremely low maintenance plants that look stunning in a gravel or paved garden area. Again, with just minimal watering, these plants can survive hot summers, although if it gets really frosty where you live, especially in the winters, it might be a good idea to cover them over, but for most species of succulent, this is not necessary.

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