Landscaping a large garden

If you are lucky enough to have a property with a large garden, you will need to have special landscaping equipment to maintain it. if you have half-acre of grass, unless you are really fit, you don’t really want to be pushing a hover mower around for several hours. So what sort of equipment will help someone to tend a big garden?

Well, if the lawn is large then a sit-on lawnmower is a must have item. You can have your lawn mowed in a fraction of the time, leaving energy to tackle other areas of the garden. Long handle clippers can trim the edges of the lawn to give it a perfectly manicured finish.

If your garden has a pond then getting a specialist in to clean it is perhaps better. That way, you know the filters are cleared properly, making it safer to use for you and your family.

If your property has a lot of trees, perhaps a small fruit orchard will be good. A solid set of ladders are needed to make sure you can pick the fruit when it is ripe. The long handled clippers will also come in useful here, pruning trees will ensure new shoots and more fruit production.

An industrial chipper comes in really handy when clearing your land. You cut down trees that are in danger of falling and those that have been storm damaged. Put them in a wood chipper and use those chippings as mulch for compost. Being biodegradable, it can be used in many places around the garden, it can also be used as bedding for animals such as horses, chickens, and rabbits.

It is very important to have somewhere safe and secure to store any power tools and large landscaping equipment. Never allow children to play with the tools as in untrained hands they can be dangerous.

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