Commercial Landscaping for Developers

Landscaping is not just about your back garden – it is also an important thing to consider when developing a piece of land. If you have several acres that you want to build homes on, then you need green areas for the people who are going to be living in those homes to enjoy.

It doesn’t matter whether the properties you will be developing are going to be aimed at families or the elderly, small parks or playgrounds are must have areas within that community. If you are building flats on the land then every property not on the ground floor will likely be longing for a little outside space to enjoy. It is not unreasonable to assume that one or more of families living in these areas will have small children or pets, both of which can benefit from having an area away from the home where they can go and safely enjoy a few hours outdoors.

If the land is to be used for other commercial reasons, such as a small shopping precinct or even as industrial units, then landscaped areas are just as important. Stark grey concrete buildings are not appealing to anyone. You need to attract people to the area to buy or rent those units for their business, and they will only do that if they think consumers will be visiting the area. No consumers, no business.

Trees are popular choices as they offer a lush greenness to the area but only take a very small footprint (at ground level). You may have noticed in some towns and villages raised flower beds lining a street of shops, of hanging baskets from lamp posts? These are really simple ways of adding a little nature to an area that is mainly concrete and stone, but it makes the whole area much more attractive.

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