Do you nurture a love for gardening? Has it become a particular hobby of yours over the years? Maybe you have developed your own style when landscaping your outside spaces. Why not consider writing a book on gardening and your experiences with it? It may seem a little far-fetched but is perhaps easier than you think.

The best non-fiction authors are those who write about what they know, and those who have something different to offer the readers. There are thousands of gardening books on the market, so you might feel that the genre is a tough one to break into. It really doesn’t have to be.

During your years as a hobbyist, have you found that by using a particular leftover food item in your compost, it gives your roses a better bloom? Maybe, you have developed a way of safely keeping stray neighbourhood cats away from soiling in your garden? Share these ideas, put them in writing, and who knows, your ideas could be shared around the world.

The best books for landscaping are those that stand out from the crowd, those that use sculpture to create a wow factor, those that turn a pokey space into an area you just can’t wait to relax in, or those that tell the reader something new. If you have found that using natural shade rather than manmade awnings or pergolas give your garden a better feel then use these ideas. if you have found a way to attract more wildlife into your garden by using bug hotels or wildflowers then write about that.

There is no guarantee you will make any of the bestseller lists, but by imparting your wisdom onto others, you might help them to make their own little backyard paradise. Writing a book is not hard, you just have to start with the process.

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