Landscaping for children

If you need to landscape your garden to make it more suitable for children, there are several easy ways to do this. It can be done over a period of time as a DIY project, or why not just take all the stress and worry out of it and employ a landscape gardener to design and create your new outside space?

Children love to be active, so some kind of fun activity centre in the garden would be nice. A climbing frame, swing set or slide are traditional garden toys for children, but all it takes is a little imagination to create something really special.

A landscape gardener familiar with Dubai landscaping can plan and build an amazing tree house for your children, and even arrange any planning permission that may be necessary. They can create raised platforms and walkways to truly give your child a place to play that will leave so many memories with them. The underneath of children’s play areas should be softer with protective flooring, so if the child falls, they will not injure themselves so much. Rubber mulch is popular as is a loose fill, such as sand or bark, and your contractor can help you choose which one is best for your needs.

Activities and colours should also be considered. Children tend to gravitate towards brighter colours and it helps to keep them interested while playing. Paint the activity frames and fences, use bright flowering plants to keep the space cheerful. Give the children a little seating area and a table using tree stumps so that it fits in naturally with the surroundings.

A whole area of the garden can be set aside for the children, leaving a part of the outside space still for the adults to enjoy. The only limitation is the size of space and your imagination.

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